The Girls

With this being a website about Stephen and myself I usually share things about ‘us’ and what we are doing as a couple. Today I feel like posting some pictures about the life of Cassie.  Growing up I was a bit of a tomboy, I didn’t mind getting dirty and I prefered playing mock-Power Rangers with my brothers over Barbies any day. I mention this to show that I didn’t have a lot of ‘girlfriends’ when I was younger, or in general over the years. I got along with boys easier, and still do for the most part (with a few wonderful exceptions). I think it has to do with a combination of having an older and younger brother to hangout with (since Miriah is almost 5 years younger) and my tendency to be anti-girly. My favorite color is blue, I don’t do make-up (except mascara on occassion), and I don’t really enjoy shopping. These are a few things that are a bit different than your average girl, but heck, that’s how I’ve always been. 

So, without further ado I would like to introduce you to a few wonderful people in my life!

Melissa and Myself


This is Melissa, we have been friends since 9th grade when we rode the bus together. She is pretty much wonderful and probably the oldest girl friend I have that I still hangout with :) 



Me and Elise


I met Elise a few years ago and we totally clicked. Elise went to FSU while I was at UWF, so roadtrips to Tallahassee we’re planned often.  Our husbands are great friends and we try to visit them as often as we can in New Orleans (where they know all the good spots)!




I met Sara this past year and she is totally rad. We are alike in so many crazy laid back ways, and Stephnen LOVES her because she likes to go running so he gets off the hook everytime! Sara is an awesome spriritual encourager, and God was so good in answering my prayers for a friend like her!



Kelly and Me

This is Kelly. I have known her since high school and we lived in the same dorm at FSU (for the semester that I was there!). She and her hubby moved to Houston almost a year ago and Melissa and I are seriously wanting them to move back to Pensacola!




Ri & Mom


Lastly I am putting my sister and mom. It’s so awesome to know that I can talk to them about anything and receive good advice. My mom is seriously the best mom anyone could hope and ask for, we are a lucky family! My sister is easy going, fun, competitive, kick-butt at charades, and still my little Indian Princess :)



So there ya have it people. A sappy’ish post about special women in my life that I wish I could be with all the time.  On another note, we have joyfully added internet back in our lives at home, so posts should continue to be frequent and picture/story-filled !!

2 Thoughts on “The Girls

  1. Wow, what a post~ We should bring them all back to P’cola and have a Cassie’s best friends cookout.

  2. Miriah on May 12, 2009 at 10:40 am said:

    =) first of all, I am distracted from my intended comment by mom’s comment.

    that comment summarizes why mom is so great, and weird and dorky at the same time. a “Cassie’s Best Friends Cookout”…. sounds like a cartoon show. and yet, she was so serious… oh mom.

    my comment however, was this : Heck yes, save the best for last. :) :) :)

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