a good year indeed

So the year of 2008 has been pretty awesome. Busy, yes. Exhausting, too many times to count. Worth it, without a doubt.  You may be asking yourself “Why was 2008 so awesome and busy Cassie?”  Well that is a great question, let me make a brief list of happenings/accomplishments from 2008 (thus far):

-Bro moved
-Stephen moved
-Got married
-Classes in the Spring
-Moved into our townhouse
-Job search
-papers, homework, tests, papers
-Became a substitute teacher (that was an experience)
-Classes in the summer
-Work, Work, School, Work
-Dad, Bro, Sis-in-law, Mom-R, Dad-R, Stephen, Mom Birthdays back to back
-School, more school, have I mentioned I don’t like school … ??
-Sister’s wedding/reception
-Attended 6 weddings for the year
-Got my mini from Stephen for Graduation (what I call my laptop)
-Thanksgiving trip to St. Augustine
-Term Papers Due Dec 2nd
-College Graduation
-Christmas Shopping, still in progress
-Rock Band (currently in progress)

so there you have it, the year of 2008 for Cassie Ringl, so far (sorry if I left something out).

So I bring this up for a few reasons, but one very main reason. Today I graduated with my Bachelors from college. A great and long-awaited accomplishment that I doubted would ever happen on many occasions. This morning we rushed to the Civic Center so I could wait in line with a lot of strangers to walk across the stage, receive a diploma book, shake some stranger’s hand and of course my favorite part of the day: hear my name pronounced incorrectly for the 738,000 time of my life. Yea, I don’t know why it’s so hard to tell the difference between Cassie and Casey, but for almost everyone in this world it is. So ya, Casey Ringl graduated today, congratulations to him/her!

I posted some pictures so take a look if you have a minute or two.  Enjoy! Oh, and happy shopping, only 11 days left til Christmas!!

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