27 Days

So today is saturday, november 29, which means there are 2 days until Dec 1 and 27 days until Dec 25th! For those of you who don’t know, Christmas is my absolute favorite day of the year :)  Not  only is it my favorite day, i love the christmas season as well. Now, what’s interesting and new about all of this is the fact that I am now married, which has changed my usual “christmas traditions” that I have gotten used to the [prior] 23 christmas’s of my life. My dad is the kinda guy that’s ready to pull out the Christmas movies, cd’s, lights and humming right around mid-October/early-November. Now Stephen on the other hand grew up differently than I did, Christmas wasn’t the center of exitment for him. So, with this new ‘life’ we are starting “our” Christmas traditions.

Tradition/(Rule #1 from Stephen) 
-Christmas paraphanelia does not come out until Dec 1 
  I feel I have done a great job at incorporating this new tradition in our home (which may change down the road…we will revote post-kids in a few years) ;)    The only Christmas item we have out is a Charlie Brown Christmas CD that Stephen himself purchased with an Amazon order to get free shipping. It’s definitely not trans-siberian orchestra, but I have enjoyed it the past few days.

Alright, now what is UBBER exciting for me right now is the fact that we are still at Matt and Helena’s so these rules do not apply at the moment.  Today we are going Christmas Tree shopping with them and after we get to decorate, eat chilli and watch ‘Fred Clause’. This is the day I have been waiting for since last years Christmas Tree purchase (okay, not literally, but I still looove it)!  Of course I can’t wait to get our own tree for our home, but being that we live in a townhouse w/ limited room our tree may be on the ‘smaller side’ this 1st Christmas. I feel I was lucky enough to talk Stephen out of a Christmas Tree-Poster to hang on the wall (of course I’m sure he was joking…I hope).

So 2 days from now I will be technically allowed (which means in the house, these rules of course don’t apply to when I’m in the car/at work) to pull out our Christmas movies, the 1 candle and schedule a tree-shopping day. We don’t really have that much that will change at the moment, but over the years I’ll get the decor to change that ::red and white to wrap on the stairs for giant ‘candy canes’, stockins for the fireplace, and my much desired nativty set (which stephen has begged we build out of lego’s – he’s one-of-a-kind).

Well alright folks, now you have it, my excitement for today typed out on the internet!  Pictures are being added from the trip as I empty my camera onto my lappy (which is another story I will share later!)  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hopefully you have all your in-store Christmas shopping done becuase the craziness has officially begun!  

-Bye for now,
p.s. I need a signature ‘sign off’ phrase … If you have any clever, fun or awesome idea’s drop them my way through a comment, or even a telephone call  ;)

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