Well, we’re over in St. Augustine with Cassie’s older brother, Matt, and his wife Helena for this Thanksgiving weekend. It was a long-ish drive, so as soon as I got off of work we started the 6 hour trip, but it was absolutely worth it for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.

Matt and Jason got up early this morning to go to Walmart and returned around 7 o’clock with a brand new TV! So when Cassie and I got up, Jason and Matt had gone back to bed and we’ve hooked up the Wii and are now playing Mario Kart Wii on the 50″ screen.

Well l’m about to give up the laptop to Cassie (her laptop actually! but I’ll let her tell you all about that a little later), and Matt is up and about now so we’ll play some wii while waiting for Jason’s girl, Kelly, to get here.

Anyhow, hope everyone’s having a fantastic Thanksgiving!
If you check out the pictures page, you can see some of ours!


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